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Come along with me as I share my day to day life, dreams, family and a whole lot of fun. I’m not much of a planner when it comes to my writing so on any given day you may hear a funny story, a tip on being the best you, you can be, maybe a recipe, or a DIY project. You never know (I never know) till I pull up my chair and start typing away. Hope you’ll join me on my new adventure 🙂

Summer’s last call

As summer draws it’s last breaths and it’s energy moves to turning our surroundings into bold colors of orange, red and deep golds I often feel excitement of the winter months just around the corner, of chilly nights by the fire working on a craft. Of hot cocoa watching the snow flakes falling gently to the ground covering the world in a warm blanket. I love that I live in an area where we have definite season changes. Each bringing it’s on magical moments and events. Each season has a place in my heart. Summer is filled with family and friends, swimming, kayaking , barbecues and trail rides and lazy days enjoying the waters edge. Fall is a time to put away summer, sweaters on long walks in the fallen leaves, rides to see the spectacular foliage, apple picking, canning and prepping for the long winter months to come. Gathering of family and friends around the Thanksgiving table. Warmth and laughter highlighted by the warm glow around the fireplace. Winter is my time to settle in and catch up on my crafting, reading and my writings. A time for family dinners, cookie day, sledding and yes my favorite holiday of the year Christmas. A time to trudge through the snow to find the perfect tree to decorate your home. Winter brings a New Year and a world of dreams and possibilities. Soon spring arrives with flowers, the birds chirping away, a new beginning to the circle of life. New adventures to be had. A time to stop and smell the roses to notice the beauty in your surroundings, to hear children laughing and playing in the yard. A time to watch the world come alive with colors, smells and sounds. Yes I am glad that I live in the country where all 4 seasons bring it’s own beauty and special moments to enjoy with my family.

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