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Spring is on the way

As winter makes it’s last ditch effort to hold on, I start to think about spring. About the garden, cleaning the yard, reading our little piece of the earth for summer fun, the fact that before long we’ll be hearing the laughter of children on the pond, of voices gathered around crackling fires, of sunsets on warm summer nights, trail rides and family get to gathers. Spring really is my favorite time of year a new beginning, a time to reflect on whats ahead as well as what has passed. This year it’s gonna be different for me I now have a shop, a place I need to be 5 days a week. No more hanging out at the waters edge all day, no more coming and going with the breeze. I know sounds sad right but hey all, it’s not. I’m going to enjoy meeting new customers, helping them pick out their special purchases, hearing about their travels and impressions of Maine. It’s time to make new connections, new friends and develop new items for the shop. I love that I have a space to be me, to decorate as I want, to make whatever craft I can dream up, to be out and about. I’m a hermit by nature and have always enjoyed hanging at home and doing my own thing. It’s exciting to have a whole new world opening up, to explore, to enhance my creativity and to fall in love with. I hope if you get to Downeast Maine you’ll stop by my little shop on Water Street in Ellsworth I promise it will be an experience well worth the trip. See ya soon friends!

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