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Winter has arrived

I sit here listening to the wind howl, yes we thought it was easy Nov and Dec came, and went the weather stayed mild for Maine. But hold on to your hat Jan came in like a lion cold temps, biting temps fueled by gusts of wind that ate right through your clothes. A time to stay in cuddled by a warm fire, craft in hand, a homey feel about you. Winter in Maine is a time for reflection, a time to get organized, a time to start a new hobby or perfect an old one. I love to watch the snow fall blanketing the old brown trees and earth in a warm sparkling wrap. I get inspiration from the views out my window. I get excited about the future and the events that will come when the sun warms us once again. A new beginning with each passing day. Soon the sounds of the pond opening up for summer will be here but for now I listen from my warm cozy spot to the sound of snow sleds racing up and down the pond, of kids laughing as they glide across the ice on skates or the excited yells when a flag fly’s up indicating a fish has found your hook. I don’t spend much time outside in the winter my age and health have taken that from me but I do enjoy watching life on the pond from my window.

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