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10 tips for the holidays

#1 My first and for me most important tip is to wrap as you purchase. Keep a list of items already bought and wrapped so you know what you’ve already done. No more staying up late Christmas Eve trying to get everything wrapped and under the tree.

#2 Shop all year long

#3 Keep a notebook handy for when people mention something they need or want throughout the year

#4 Order from direct sales or small businesses to beat the out of stock quandary

#5 Ask your family for a Christmas wish lists by Oct 1st

#6 Have a family decorating day/evening to take the load off you

#7 Shop small and local to beat the crowds and not have to worry about shipping

#8 Address and sign your cards during quiet evenings at home. Store away till time to mail.

#9 Make your own gifts throughout the year. A gift made with love is so much better than a boughten gift even if it’s not perfect.

#10 Relax, enjoy it’s just one day a year. It’ss about spending time with your loved ones

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