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A surprise

This is gonna sound a bit weird but by the end, you’ll totally get where I’m coming from 🙂 My son just got married this last Sunday after many cancelations due to Covid. Two weeks prior to the wedding I tried on my dress worried that it wouldn’t fit due to my not following my diet over the summer. I ate what I wanted not really paying much attention to what I was consuming. The one thing I did consistently was to drink my “magic drink” which I had done for a year and until summer came I had combined it with mindful eating. To my surprise, IT FIT perfectly!!! On the big day, I got up showered, and put my gown on. OMG, it was too big, the shoulders wouldn’t stay up, it was about 2 inches too long. In somewhat of panic I asked for assistance from my niece. We found some safety pins and pinned my dress to my undergarments to keep them on my shoulders. We didn’t have thread or needle at the rental to shorten it, It was fine I said a bit too long but I could hold it up when walking. Well, that didn’t work I was constantly tripping over the gown which had me concerned that I would trip during the mother-son dance with everyone watching. My daughter-in-law came up with the idea to tuck up the front a bit under the belt and pin it in place and guess what once I put the jacket on over it, it worked. I have to say even though my “magic drink” (pure therapeutic ketone drink) isn’t about weight loss it’s about putting your body into ketosis (without the diet) so it will burn fat for fuel in a healthy way. It was a surprise that I had lost that much size in just 2 weeks without even trying. I of course was happy about the loss but did it need to be at the most inopportune time. Anyhow it all was ok I danced teary-eyed with my son and didn’t make a fool of myself by falling. I’m so glad I made the choice a year ago to become a consultant with the company. At this time, I’m down 50 pounds and 3 sizes woot woot.

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