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My struggles

Summer is busy at the lake family, friends and vacations, but it’s time to get back to work. To set schedules, make plans, book events. I’m working on plans for upcoming workshops, projects to go live with, Christmas gifts to make, and designing new graphics for stencils. I always have a ton of plans rambling around in my head, things to do, ideas and projects to try. The problem for me tends to be finding the time to do them or remembering them when I do get time to hang in my craft room. I now carry a notebook with me to jot down idea’s and thoughts. To have a reference to refer back to when I’m trying to remember what I purchased a particular product for 🙂 Lets be real here I love organizing so much I tend to do that more than actually doing the projects I organize the stuff for. I have notes, notebooks, and planners everywhere. One of my main goals for the remainder of the year is to get it all into one place. My goal for the New Year is to actually use my notes and make items for my shop, hold the workshops and do the work not just keep it organized. I wonder often if I’m the only one that has this problem. How do you stay organized or don’t you?

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